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California police officer accused of domestic violence

by | Aug 18, 2015 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

It is relatively easy to make accusations against a person regardless of whether those accusations are true. Anyone can report an alleged crime to the police. However, for a person to be found guilty of crimes related to those accusations, sufficient evidence must be provided to prove those claims. In domestic violence cases in California and across the country, often accusations pit one person’s word against another.

A recent case allegedly involving domestic violence involves a 46-year-old police officer. Police reports indicate that the man was arrested one morning after an alleged argument with his significant other. It is unclear whether the couple is married. He has since been released on bond.

In addition to his arrest, the man has also been placed on administrative leave while the accusations are investigated. He was previously accused of striking his son in the face. However, no charges came from an investigation into that alleged incident. He was reinstated to the force by the interim police chief because the police force was short-staffed.

Domestic violence charges are a serious matter with serious consequences. However, with no witnesses, it is often difficult to determine who was the instigator and who was simply attempting to defend him or herself. Due to the emotions involved, it is also easy to distort the facts surrounding an incident. Most people in California who are facing such charges can benefit from the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney to help them make decisions regarding their cases and ensure they are treated lawfully.

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