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California company accuses former worker of embezzlement

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Embezzlement, Firm News

At times, employers may find it difficult to find quality workers to fill the positions a company requires to function smoothly. Those quality employees who then choose to leave a place of employment could mean a company is left wondering how it will ever fill that position. One California woman’s decision to leave her place of employment has apparently resulted in embezzlement charges.

According to reports, the 39-year-old woman was an employee of Creekside Landscaping Inc. When she quit in March, her job responsibilities were taken over by others. At that time, representatives for the company claim that they discovered that she had embezzled approximately $1 million from the company over a two-year period.

The company claims that the woman wrote herself checks for bonuses and overtime. They also claim she used the company credit card to purchase cars, vacations and other personal items. She has since pleaded not guilty to several charges — including fraud and identity theft — stemming from the company’s allegations and is being held on bond.

Cases involving white collar crime, including embezzlement charges like this woman is now facing, are often complicated, and a conviction can carry serious consequences. In order for a person to defend him or herself from such accusations, it is often necessary to seek out the guidance of an attorney with experience with such cases. By doing so, a defendant in California is better equipped to make informed decisions regarding the direction of his or her unique case. An experienced defense attorney can also help ensure that a person who is facing criminal charges is treated lawfully as they navigate the criminal justice system.

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