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Motorcycle accidents: California Highway Patrol examine fatality

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Firm News, Motorcycle Accidents

There are times when some California drivers may become complacent. For example, a person driving at night with little traffic may become less vigilant. Unfortunately, this complacency can quickly turn tragic as it could potentially increase the possibility of car and motorcycle accidents. In fact, police are currently investigating a fatal accident that took the life of a motorcyclist.

A 23-year-old man was reportedly riding his motorcycle on a California roadway when the accident happened. As he was traveling, a truck allegedly attempted to make a left turn in front of the motorcycle. The motorcycle then slammed into the front passenger side of the truck.

The force of the collision caused the motorcyclist to be ejected. He died at the scene of the accident. The driver of the truck reportedly told police that he did not notice the victim headed in his direction prior to attempting a left turn. It is unclear if charges are expected to be filed, but the accident remains under investigation.

Unfortunately, even a tiny moment of complacency or distraction can have fatal consequences. While there are still many details in this case to be investigated, the family of a young man is currently grieving his death in an accident that was likely completely preventable. They may also be facing a complicated financial future as a result of loss of wages and funeral expenses. As many victims of motorcycle accidents in California have done, filing and successfully presenting a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit could ultimately help the family cope with the financial consequences of their loss while focusing on their emotional recovery.

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