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Three men arrested in California embezzlement case

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Embezzlement, Firm News

There are many different types of employees in this country. There are some people who show initiative and work hard to perform to a higher degree than expected. Others may be happy to simply meet those expectations. Most employees in California, however, do not end up facing embezzlement charges as one public employee and two of his friends have recently experienced.

Reports claim that an embezzlement scheme was discovered when the city ordered an audit on its financial records. A 51-year-old male employee worked in a department tasked with managing the movement of utility lines underground. Officials say that he had actually written fake invoices related to that project. Over the course of a 10-year period beginning in 2004, he is alleged to have embezzled over $6 million.

Police claim that he gave $2 million to a male friend and $40,000 to a female friend and former temporary worker at the same place of employment. He is also accused of giving some of the money to two churches with which he is believed to be associated. The city employee believed to be behind the scheme is currently being held on a $1.75 million bail and faces up to 28 years in jail. The other two people accused also face jail time if convicted.

Cases involving embezzlement charges can often be complex. Many people facing similar charges have found it necessary to seek help from a California criminal attorney with prior experience with such cases. By doing so, an accused person can have someone on their side who is knowledgeable and willing to fight vigorously on his or her behalf as well as ensure that the defendant is treated lawfully throughout the criminal process.

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