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California car accidents: 4 injured when car crashes into store

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

For some people, there is nothing more convenient than shopping at a department store. While inside a store, most customers likely feel relatively safe. Unfortunately, a recent incident in California demonstrates that car accidents can happen at any time and in unexpected places. After that particular accident, several people required medical treatment after a car crashed into a department store.

Rescue workers were called just before 5 p.m. one evening in mid-January. According to reports, a car crashed through the doors of a department store, traveling approximately 50 feet before coming to a stop. While the car contained three people, only one of the occupants required treatment at the hospital — the 63-year-old driver.

Unfortunately, three Macy’s customers were injured in the crash. One of the three suffered serious injuries. Two other people also required medical attention for medical issues, such as anxiety, caused by witnessing the accident.

While most people are aware of the possibility of suffering injuries in a car accident, an accident while shopping in a department store is likely the furthest thing from a person’s mind. Unfortunately, the injured customers were likely unable to avoid the injuries they suffered. As a result of the accident, the victims may face expensive medical bills, as well as lost wages as they recover. In order to cope with such unexpected expenses, many victims of similar car accidents in California have sought financial relief by filing personal injury claims in civil courts. By doing so, those injured because of the negligence of another could receive a monetary award, allowing them to focus on their physical recoveries rather than on how medical bills will be paid.

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