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California car accidents: 2 injured, 4 killed in fatal accident

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

During the holiday season, many people take to the roadways to visit with friends and family. Unfortunately, some people also become involved in an accident. As in most California car accidents, a single second of distraction can often have catastrophic consequences. For example, in one recent accident, four people were killed and two people suffered serious injuries.

The accident happened in the early morning hours of a day in late December. Police claim that a 26-year-old male was headed north on a California road when a southbound vehicle crossed the center line. The two vehicles collided head on.

Unfortunately, the second vehicle burst into flames. While witnesses were able to remove two of the five occupants in the second car, one of them died at the scene; the second was listed in critical condition. The three other occupants apparently died in the burning vehicle. The driver of the first vehicle also suffered serious injuries in the accident. Police say tests show that this driver was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision, and tests on the second driver are expected to be performed.  

Those who have been victims of serious car accidents, including the loved ones of deceased victims, likely know of the financial ramifications an accident can create. While the relationship, if any, between the deceased victims and the driver of the vehicle in which they traveled was not reported, causes of action for wrongful death claims against the driver may exist. Additionally, the driver of the second vehicle could consider filing a personal injury suit. A successfully argued case in a California civil court could result in an award of damages to help cope with expenses and other financial losses stemming from the accident

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