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August 2014 Archives

California car accidents caused by ignoring traffic lights

In order to obtain a driver’s license, a potential driver must prove his or her knowledge of basic traffic laws. As a result, all drivers must know they are required to stop at a red traffic light. However, in a moment of distraction, a person could fail to notice a red light. Other times, a driver might simply choose to ignore the light. Unfortunately, both of these scenarios could result in serious, even fatal, car accidents. For example, an accident in California recently took the life of a woman allegedly struck as a result of another individual's failure to obey a traffic light.

California truck accidents can lead to fatalities

There are many safe drivers on the road. However, the slightest miscalculation or distraction can cause even the safest driver to cause a tragic accident. Unfortunately, truck accidents in California can easily lead to fatalities. For example, one man was recently killed in an accident involving a tractor-trailer and a motorcycle, while two others were injured.

Truck accidents cause physical, emotional damage in California

Tractor-trailers serve an important role in today’s economy. However, many people who have driven on the nation’s roadways have likely witnessed the aftermath of several truck accidents. While most drivers are safe and professional, a slight mistake can have devastating consequences due to the sheer size of a tractor-trailer. For example, an accident in California has recently left one woman dead and several others injured.

Inattention can lead to California car accidents

There are many distractions for the modern driver. In addition to radios and small children, there are now cell phones and other electronic devices. Even without these distractions, even a small moment of inattention could cause devastating car accidents. For example, a recent accident in California has taken one life and sent several others to the hospital.

Californians face devastating consequences of car accidents

Many businesses have made the decision to go mobile. They purchase vans or detached trailers that allow them to take their business from location to location. While this may provide the business with marketing opportunities, it could cause deadly car accidents if equipment, such as detached trailers, are improperly attached. One family in California is facing this very reality after a recent car accident caused a fatality and several injuries.

California motorcycle accidents could tend to fatalities

The severity of a car accident can range from minor fender bender to a tragic fatality. Sadly, motorcycle accidents have the potential for serious, even deadly, injuries. Bikers simply do not have the protection offered by a more traditional vehicle, which is why it is so important for drivers of more traditional vehicles to be especially vigilant in order to prevent a potentially fatal accident. Unfortunately, a California man recently lost his life in such an accident.

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