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Truck accidents in California can be deadly

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Most people are deeply affected emotionally when they lose a loved one from a vehicle crash. Unfortunately, car accidents and truck accidents are common occurrences on the highways of California. The families of two victims are now coping with the deaths of loved ones following a recent fatal crash on the highway.

The crash happened in late June at approximately 7:15 p.m. when a tractor-trailer was driving southbound on the freeway. The tractor-trailer ended up running a stop sign going at a speed of approximately 40 to 45 mph. A 2001 Ford Expedition happened to be driving eastbound at the same time. The tractor-trailer ended up crashing into the side of the Ford.

The tractor-trailer pushed the Ford into a 2008 Honda Pilot which had been stopped at the intersection. The Honda had been driven by a 65-year-old motorist who was traveling east on the highway. After pushing the Ford into the Honda, the tractor-trailer kept going and pushed the Ford into a chain-linked fence and then into a power pole. The collision actually broke the power pole, according to reports from police.

Two people died as a result of the crash; however the driver of the tractor-trailer was unhurt. The police believe that neither drugs nor alcohol played a role in causing the crash. The driver of the Honda and his female passenger, 66, sustained minor injuries. They were both transported to a local hospital to receive treatment from medical staff for their injuries.

The families of the two decedents are likely now trying to heal their emotional scars which can be common following fatal truck accidents, such as the one which recently occurred on the highway in California. Although nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, the families of the two decedents may want to consider filing wrongful death lawsuits. This will help to offset funeral costs and other expenses related to the deaths. Additionally, those who survived may be able to file civil lawsuits for any personal injuries suffered.

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