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Truck accidents continue to endanger California drivers

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

The possibility of being involved in a motor vehicle accident is a gamble every driver takes when they enter the roadway. Car wrecks are not a rare occurrence, and there has been a noticeable increase in truck accidents throughout California that have made the headlines for news stations across the state. In a recent accident, safety officials arrived at a crash site involving two trucks and minivan.

It is still unclear what the initial cause of the accident was. However, police responding to the scene apparently found a jackknifed semi truck blocking off several lanes. A dump truck and minivan were close behind the tractor-trailer, both of which appeared to have front end damage from a collision.

Emergency personnel retrieved seven people from the vehicles and transported them to local medical facilities to be treated for injuries suffered in the accident. Among those injured, two children were apparently in critical condition when they arrived at the hospital. Tragically, one died a short while later. Meanwhile, investigators continue to look into the details about the accident, and traffic remained backed up for several hours as crews tried to clean up debris.

Truck accidents do not always result in fatalities, but it is devastating when someone dies as a result of such a collision. When an individual is injured or killed in an accident on California roadways, claims for financial relief may be possible through the California civil court system. The party or parties deemed responsible could be held financially responsible for the monetary damages sustained as a result of the injuries or untimely death. Those facing these important issues may benefit from seeking advice and guidance about the appropriate steps to take in seeking to enforce their legal rights.

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