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California car accidents: Erratic driving blamed for teen’s death

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

When citizens call 911 services to report drivers who are driving erratically, police officers are typically dispatched to the scene and are able to address the problem before anyone gets hurt. However, some car accidents occur before California law enforcement officers have the opportunity to intercede. A man whom concerned citizens had reported was driving erratically was involved in a recent collision in which one person was killed.

The driver of a Dodge Charger was heading north on a California road when — for unknown reasons — he started to drive in the wrong lane of traffic. A man driving a Chevrolet Cavalier was driving south in the proper lane. When the Charger came into the Cavalier’s lane, it caused a massive accident. The Cavalier was mangled and destroyed, and the driver did not survive the accident.

The Charger rolled after the impact, and it stopped after it hit a Ford Ranger that stopped on the side of the road after seeing the accident. The driver of the Ranger was uninjured, but the driver of the Charger was taken to a local hospital. It was not reported if criminal charges are pending against the driver of the Charger, but the official investigation is likely ongoing.

As with similar wrong way California car accidents, it is probable that the man will face criminal charges, particularly since others had already called to report his erratic driving. Regardless, the family of the deceased victim may elect to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the Charger. A successfully litigated civil claim could result in a monetary judgment for damages sustained and could also help to bring the young man’s family some sense of justice following this horrific accident.

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