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3 injured — 1 fatally — in a recent drunk driving accident

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Drunk Driving, Firm News

Many car accidents involve more than one vehicle. However, single vehicle accidents also occur frequently and can be just as deadly as those with multiple drivers. In California, when an accident is the result of drunk driving, the driver is likely to face various charges associated with the crash. Unfortunately, charges involving DWI even those not involving injuries, can result in hefty fines and possible jail time when a conviction is ultimately obtained.

Recently, a tragic scene unfolded as emergency personnel were called to the location of a single-vehicle crash. Investigators suggested that the driver was traveling well above the posted speed limit when he lost control of the vehicle. They say that the alleged drunk driver was unable to regain control of the vehicle and eventually collided with a utility pole.

The driver was not the alone in the vehicle at the time. Three passengers were found at the scene and were taken to the nearest medical facility. The front seat passenger — a young woman — arrived at the hospital alongside her companions, but unfortunately succumbed to her injuries and died shortly thereafter. Police indicated that the driver was not at the crash site when they arrived. They say that he tried to flee the scene and was found a short distance from the accident’s location.

The driver was apprehended near California Highway 44, and he faces criminal charges for drunk driving, vehicular manslaughter and second degree murder. The outcome of the accident is tragic, but that does not necessarily mean the driver was guilty of a crime with respect to the crash. In view of the potentially grave consequences that could accompany a criminal conviction, the driver must focus on his criminal defense and seek to ensure that his legal rights are fully protected as this case heads to court. The evidence that prosecutors want to use must be reviewed and assessed so that legal challenges can be made to the court, as appropriate under the circumstances.

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