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Recent accident may have been the result of drunk driving

by | May 23, 2014 | Drunk Driving, Firm News

When drivers take to the road, they are aware of the risks involved. Even seasoned drivers are not impervious to being involved in an accident. In California, car accidents are an all too common occurrence. Though many car accidents are not life threatening, when the collision is the result of drunk driving, victims are less likely to walk away without injury.

The families of two crash victims may elect to sue the estate of the driver who is believed to have caused a recent serious car accident. The alleged drunk driver was traveling south in the northbound lanes after running a stop light. The report suggests that the driver switched lanes in the intersection before collided head-on with another vehicle.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and rushed to aid of three individuals. The wrong-way driver died at the scene, while the victims in the other car were transported to the hospital for treatment. The two victims were reported to be in serious condition. Sadly, the passenger in that vehicle died in the hospital the following morning.

The untimely death of the 20-year-old leaves her family with many unanswered questions. During the investigation, California Highway patrol officers discovered an open alcohol container in the car of the wrong-way driver, leading safety officials to believe that he may have been drunk driving at the time of the accident. If the evidence proves that impairment was a factor in this case, the surviving victim and the family of the deceased victim may elect to offer those facts as proof of negligence in civil court proceedings for reimbursement of monetary damages sustained as a result of the tragic accident.

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