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Family of 5 dead after one of California’s deadly car accidents

by | May 16, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Recently, a family was traveling to Disneyland to celebrate the 5th birthday of one of the children. Unfortunately, while traveling, the unexpected happened. Their car and another vehicle collided. All five members of the family — two adults and three children– were killed in one of California’s deadly car accidents.

A van veered over into the opposite lane, which was occupied by the family’s vehicle. The van struck the family’s sedan, which was paused at a stop sign. The impact resulted in the van flipping and coming to a rest on top of the Honda sedan.

The mother and her almost 5-year-old daughter were pronounced dead at the crash site after becoming trapped inside. The father and one son were transported to the hospital for treatment, but passed away. The body of the other son was found in the Honda car after the van had been moved.

The van driver that veered into oncoming traffic suffered only minor injuries. At this time, it is unknown what caused him to veer out of his primary lane of traffic. The family will likely be awaiting the final details of the investigation, as they have said they want answers.

Understandably, the family also wants justice to be served. Criminal charges have not yet been filed. Nevertheless, as with any victim or loved one of a deceased victim from similar car accidents, the family has the separate option to pursue financial restitution in a civil court in California in order to seek monetary damages for the pain that has been caused, burial expenses and other financial losses under applicable law. To prevail, they will need to establish by relevant proof that the van driver negligently caused the crash and fatalities that resulted.

Source: ABC, “Hesperia crash leaves 2 adults, 3 kids dead“, Francine Rios and Melissa MacBride, May 11, 2014