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January 2013 Archives

Consumer counseling can help reduce credit card debt

As we near the end of January, many California residents are making headway on their New Year's resolutions. For some, reducing their existing levels of credit card debt sits at the top of that list. When addressing high levels of debt, consumers should know that they do not have to complete the process on their own. Just as many people who want to lose weight hire a personal trainer to assist toward that goal, there are professionals who can help you achieve debt reduction.

Credit card debt relief phone offers are often scams

California residents who are struggling under heavy loads of consumer debt can experience an enormous amount of stress related to their financial circumstances. For many, their existing level of credit card debt seems insurmountable, and they don't know where to begin in addressing the problem. Then, at what seems like just the right time, the phone rings and the person on the other end offers a fast and easy solution to debt relief. The chance to ease their financial turmoil is appealing to many, and thousands of consumers fall victim each year to phone solicitations that actually scams.

Helping students avoid high levels of credit card debt

When teenagers head to college, they will face a wide range of choices that are bound to be new to them. Many will stumble in their first few years away from home, and most California parents understand that college is a relatively safe place for their kids to explore the world and begin making important decisions on their own behalf.

Personal bankruptcy could lead to savings through greener living

California residents who are emerging from a bankruptcy filing have a lot to look forward to. The days of endless stress over unpaid bills, harassment by debt collectors and a growing sense of instability can all be alleviated by the discharge of a majority of one's consumer debt. Once the personal bankruptcy process is complete, individuals and families can look to the future with an eye toward establishing lasting financial stability. In the process, it is also possible to shift toward a more environmentally responsible lifestyle, which can not only help save money but make a greater impact for future generations.

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