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3 steps to take after receiving a domestic violence restraining order

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence

Domestic violence restraining orders can often come as a surprise. Whether you have a difficult relationship with a spouse, partner or ex, you may find yourself facing criminal allegations of threatening, abusive or violent behavior.

If you receive a temporary restraining order, it is important that you take the matter seriously, even if you do not agree to the person’s claims. Failing to do so may result in even more serious consequences.

1. Follow the restraining orders terms

Failing to follow a temporary restraining order could make your situation worse. Violating the order may result in major fines and time in jail. It may also make it more difficult to challenge claims of violence. Your restraining order will remain active until you have your court hearing. Until then, make sure to follow its terms.

2. Respond to the restraining order form

Once you have received a restraining order, it is important to respond. Before your hearing, you can begin explaining your side of the story by sending in a restraining order response form to the court. This form also allows you to disagree with information in the current restraining order.

3. Attend the restraining order hearing

Even if you do not file a response, it is important that you attend your hearing. During the hearing, you will have a chance to defend yourself against claims and provide information the court may not know. However, if you do not attend, a judge may automatically replace your temporary order with a full restraining order that may last up to five years.

From your job and finances to your personal life, a restraining order can have a huge impact. If you have received notification of a temporary restraining order, know that defending yourself early may help you avoid steep legal and financial consequences.