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Does smart technology really help prevent car accident injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Car Accidents

When most people get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they do not necessarily expect that an accident will occur during that particular outing. Even so, there is always a lingering concern about the possibility of a car crash and the catastrophic injuries one might sustain as a result.

Recent innovations in smart technology for motor vehicles promise to make crash avoidance a much more likely reality, meaning a lower likelihood of injuries for everyone. This raises the question, though, of whether or not current smart technology can really help prevent car accident injuries.

Does smart technology reduce car crashes?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted a 2020 study on the real-world benefits of crash-avoidance technology. Out of seven different types of smart technology tested in the study, all of them showed some positive degree of crash avoidance. Most notably, rear automatic braking features combined with a rearview camera and parking sensors showed a 78% increase in crash avoidance.

Are there other ways that smart cars can benefit drivers?

With official studies showing the current potential of smart technology and crash-avoidance features as verifiable means of reducing injury risk, other benefits of driving smart cars come to light as well. For example, some drivers with crash-avoidance technology in their vehicles might notice more favorable insurance costs due to that lower risk.

The presence of smart technology and other crash-avoidance features can help drivers avoid collisions altogether or even just lessen the severity of an otherwise catastrophic accident. These features do not guarantee absolute safety, however, so it is important for motorists to know their options for pursuing compensation when another party causes a car crash.