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How could a DUI impact your child’s life?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2020 | Drunk Driving

California state laws treat DUI related crimes in a harsh way. This is true even for first time offenses. Your college student may end up facing more trouble than they think if they end up with a DUI charge. 

Convictions can impact your child’s ability to continue in their schooling. Sometimes, the hurdles they face may come from unexpected places, too. 

How colleges handle DUI convictions 

The College Investor reveals the truth about how colleges treat students with DUI convictions. First, most people do not have to worry about the college expelling them directly. This often creates more attention than they want. Instead, colleges sometimes make it impossible for your child to continue attending. They do this by targeting finances. Does your child rely on scholarships or financial awards? The college may revoke these. 

Colleges often disallow people with DUI convictions from staying on campus. This means your child cannot take advantage of the pricing of on-campus housing. Instead, they need to commute to school or find a location nearby. Having to pay full price rent can price your child out of attendance. 

Changes in their career path 

Your child’s career path may end up affected, too. There are some fields which disallow people with DUI convictions. Teaching and commercial driving are two of them. Your child may find opportunities closing to them if they have a DUI conviction on record. They may not even get the chance to attend necessary classes. 

DUI convictions are serious for anyone, whether it is a first time offense or not. Keep this in mind if your child ends up facing any charges.