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Drunk driving charges necessitate a strong defense

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Drunk Driving, Firm News

Whether it is your first DUI or your third, you know that you are facing a serious legal predicament. In California, drivers convicted of drunk driving could be facing penalties that will have a substantial, long-reaching impact, and it is important to act quickly to seek defense help. A strong defense can help a defendant mitigate potential consequences and seek a beneficial outcome.

The penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction should be taken seriously. If convicted, you could be facing time in jail, fines and the loss of your driving privileges. An arrest does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted, and quick action may allow you to lessen the impact or altogether avoid these penalties. Your lawyer can analyze your case and advise as to the best course of action for your situation while challenging the evidence against you.

In some cases, it may be possible to have charges reduced or dismissed. If you believe that you are innocent and have been wrongfully charged, that there was a problem with the Breathalyzer test or that your rights were violated in any way, seek help immediately. Every person charged with a crime, no matter the nature of the accusations or the evidence against that individual, has rights that must be protected. 

We know how a drunk driving conviction in California can change your life, and we know how to help. Do not underestimate the charges against you, but seek the defense help that you deserve. Find out how you can protect your rights, freedom and future interests by reaching out as soon as possible after an arrest.