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Highway car accidents: One killed in California crash

by | May 5, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Some alert and defensive drivers are able to avoid the negligent actions of others. Unfortunately, there is little individuals can do to avoid rear-end car accidents caused by drivers who are under the influence. Police in California believe that such was the cause of a recent accident that killed one person and left another injured.

The accident happened one afternoon in the eastbound lanes of a California highway. According to reports, a driver who was under the influence of alcohol struck another vehicle in the rear. The force of that collision pushed the second car onto the shoulder, where it struck an unoccupied, disabled vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle died as a result of injuries suffered in the collision.

A fourth car was also involved in the collision. That car overturned, and reports indicate that the driver suffered minor injuries. The driver of the first vehicle was taken into custody as police believe he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision. The crash caused three of the five lanes of the highway to be closed for several hours following the accident.

As many in California know, car accidents such as this often leave families grieving the unexpected losses of loved ones. Unfortunately, many families sometimes face bleak financial futures as a result of their losses due to funeral expenses and lost wages. These surviving victims have options that could result in financial relief. For example, successfully presented wrongful death lawsuits could lead to awards of damages to help such families cope with the financial consequences of their losses.

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