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California man charged with 33 counts of sex crimes

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Firm News, Sex Crimes

Most people in this country are aware that they have certain rights. Those with little legal experience, however, may be unaware if their rights are violated when they are accused of a committing a crime. One man in California will likely want to ensure that he is treated lawfully after he was charged with 33 counts of sex crimes.

The 27-year-old man first came to the attention of authorities when California State University conducted an investigation into the unauthorized access of various student accounts. As a result of that investigation, a warrant to search the defendant’s computers was issued. Alleged discoveries made as a result of that search led to the sex crimes accusations.

In addition to claims they discovered images related to child pornography, police also claim they discovered videos showing the sexual assault of two victims. Police say that the victims were mostly unconscious during the course of the alleged assaults. One of the alleged victims claims to have no knowledge of an assault. The man was already in jail as a result of charges related to the student account claims when he was arrested on the additional charges. He could potentially spend life in prison if convicted.

A defense attorney is likely assisting the California man facing accusations of computer-related and sex crimes charges in a variety of ways. An attorney is typically prepares to defend a client throughout every stage of pending criminal proceedings. This includes examining all evidence and fighting to exclude any that may have been obtained through unlawful means. Additionally, an attorney may also seek to negotiate with prosecutors with regard to a potential plea deal. Throughout all of these activities, a defense attorney provides advice to clients, allowing them to make their own informed decisions about the direction of their case.

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