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14 California teenagers suspected of sex crimes

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Firm News, Sex Crimes

For many, the teenage years are a difficult period of time. Between the stresses of pleasing friends and parents as well as performing well in school and in sports or other extracurricular activities, many teenagers find themselves overburdened and exhausted. Unfortunately, 14 teenagers in California are facing a different sort of reality after accusations that they committed sex crimes led to their arrest.

The allegations came to light after two underage girls complained to school officials, who then turned over information to police. Nine people were initially arrested on suspicion of sex crimes, and a tenth surrendered on his own. Police are still attempting to locate four more youths also accused.

Details regarding the arrest and investigation are unclear at this time. Police say the teenagers, who have not been identified at this time because they are minors, were arrested because they are suspected of engaging in unlawful sex and sexual assault. According to reports, the incidents apparently took place over the course of a year, with some of them occurring within the last two months.

While there appear to be few details regarding the specific allegations against the young men in California at this time, the claims against them are serious. While the accusations have not yet resulted in formal charges, according to recent reports, an attorney with experience regarding cases involving alleged sex crimes can help the teenagers even at this early stage of the process. Having an attorney at their side during the initial stages and throughout the criminal process can help ensure they are treated lawfully. If their rights are violated, their attorney will know the most appropriate response.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “10 Arrested in Venice High School Sex Crimes Investigation“, Jonathan Lloyd and Nyree Arabian, March 13, 2015