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Truck accidents can cause injuries and death on highways

by | May 30, 2014 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

A charter bus recently crashed in California after a truck jackknifed and caused its cargo to fall onto the highway. Truck accidents of this nature can quickly leave multiple people dead or injured. The family members of the victims naturally might question how such a massive accident could have happened and may seek answers.

The bus was going west on Interstate 10 when it crashed and flipped onto its side on a recent Wednesday. The crash occurred when the bus driver was attempting to avoid steel piping that fell from the big rig, according to police. The bus ended up 50 feet from the road.

Four people died as a result of the crash, and dozens suffered injuries — about 21 to 28 passengers. Six of them had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter. The incident happened early in the morning near the Arizona line. The bus driver’s company has not committed any previous serious safety violations, based on federal records.

The driver of the truck wasn’t injured. When these types of truck accidents happen, the driver of the truck and his or her employer might face wrongful death suits filed by the family of the deceased and personal injury claims filed by the victims who survived the crash. It is within the rights of these plaintiffs to seek reimbursement for the damages sustained in the crash, which can help with hospital expenses and other losses occurring as a result of the incident. If the truck driver is found to have acted negligently on the road, the plaintiffs may furnish evidence of this to try to establish the driver’s — and the employer’s — liability in our California civil court system.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “4 killed, dozens injured in California bus crash on I-10 near Blythe“, Joseph Serna, May 21, 2014