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Restoring Gun Rights

Serving jail time and paying fines does not end the consequences of a criminal conviction, especially at the felony level. Essential rights are taken away, specifically the right to own a firearm. Pursuing a new career has its own set of challenges, particularly in environments where firearms are used.

Representing Californians Looking To Start Over

Many Central Valley residents come to Bird & Van Dyke seeking a second chance. A criminal record is following them wherever they go. While they have some freedoms, others are still beyond their reach. They want the opportunity show they have been rehabilitated and are ready to contribute to society once again.

While not necessarily a permanent ban, restarting your life by joining a branch of the military or pursuing employment in a correctional facility — even an administrative job — is simply not an option with a felony criminal record. Our job is to help you overcome those obstacles.

Personalized Advocacy. Customized Strategies.

At Bird & Van Dyke, we pursue expungement for Central Valley residents looking to restore their gun rights. We understand each case has unique issues and challenges and our clients require customized representation.

Oftentimes, the first step in expunging a criminal record is to have the felony reduced to a misdemeanor. Regardless of the strategies our attorneys employ, we will remain at your side.

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Contact a lawyer at Bird & Van Dyke today — call 209-390-8877 or use our online contact form — to explore expungement of your criminal records and restoration of your Second Amendment rights. We have offices in Stockton and Tracy, California.