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Truck Accidents Archives

California truck accidents: Caltrans debris causes fatal crash

It might be tempting for a busy driver of a commercial vehicle to skip steps and fail to properly secure equipment on the truck before driving on California roadways. Unfortunately, failing to do so or failing to confirm that equipment used to secure heavy items is both present and undamaged can cause serious truck accidents. A recent incident illustrates the potential harm that can be caused by materials that fall from a truck on the highway.

Commercial and truck accidents: 4 killed in bus crash

In order to save money, many people choose to travel on commercial vehicles. In order to ensure passenger safety, drivers must be well-trained professionals, and vehicles must be kept in good condition. Unfortunately, accidents involving commercial vehicles, including truck accidents, can result in serious harm. For example, authorities in California are still working to determine the exact cause of a recent bus crash that killed five people and injured 18 others.

Commercial truck accidents: California collision injures 3

Most drivers are aware of the need for constant vigilance. Despite this knowledge, it is easy for some drivers to allow their attention to slip. Unfortunately, many truck accidents in California are caused by drivers who are not as aware of their surroundings as they should be. These accidents often result in serious harm and even death. Police are now investigating an accident involving a cement truck that sent three people to the hospital and involved four vehicles.

California truck accidents: 2 killed in bus crash

In an effort to reduce costs and impact on the environment, many people turn to alternative forms of transportation, including commercial buses. They do so thinking that they will be safe as they take to California roadways. Unfortunately, while these vehicles have many benefits, they are still susceptible to bus and truck accidents. Police in California are currently investigating a recent accident involving a bus that took the lives of two people.

California truck accidents: 1 death, multiple injuries in crash

On the morning of the day before Christmas, families likely have many plans on how they will spend the evening. For many, it is a time to follow old traditions and make new memories. Unfortunately, truck accidents can cause families unexpected heartbreak, turning a holiday into a painful reminder of loss. One family in California is likely now coming to terms with the news that their loved one was lost in an accident believed to have been caused by a truck driver.

California truck accidents: Teen killed while walking to school

Recently, news regarding California schools was splashed on media across the country. One of the largest school systems in the nation made the decision to close schools as a result of an electronic threat received. While this news caused the nation to buzz, one family faced the knowledge that their loved one, a student walking to school without knowing that school had been canceled, had been killed. Like other victims of truck accidents, the family may be struggling as a result of their loss.

California truck accidents: Crashed tour bus improperly registere

Due to the size of the United States, many cities have unique features that those who do not live in the area may have never experienced. As a result, a tourist may travel for hundreds, or even thousands, of miles in order to better explore another city. One option for such tourists is the utilization of a tour bus. Those who visit California and choose such an option likely feel relatively safe from car or truck accidents. Unfortunately, several people were recently injured in a tour bus accident.

California truck accidents: Falling container kills cyclist

Bicyclists are likely aware of the dangers they face while cycling. As a result, many in California take proper precautions to ensure their safety from car and truck accidents. Unfortunately, one man was recently killed in what some are describing as a "freak accident" that the victim likely could have never anticipated.

Variety of scenarios involved in California truck accidents

It is almost impossible to drive on California highways and Interstates without seeing a tractor trailer or other commercial vehicle. These vehicles serve a very important function for the nation's' economy by transporting goods from place to place in a relatively efficient manner. Unfortunately, the large size of commercial vehicles place smaller vehicles at a distinct disadvantage. As a result, too many lives are lost in truck accidents across the country.

California truck accidents: Collision results in fatality

Tractor-trailers serve an important purpose in California and across the country. Unfortunately, truck accidents pose a serious risk to both truck drivers and others on the roadways. For example, a collision between a rig and sedan has recently resulted in a fatality.

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