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Sex Crimes Archives

California man faces multiple sex crimes charges

Certain occupations tend to result in a worker spending a great deal of time with people who have been drinking or doing drugs, resulting in impaired judgment. Uber drivers, for example, often provide rides for people who are unable to drive due to such activities. Unfortunately, one man in California faces multiple charges, including many related to sex crimes, based on allegations made by women with whom he came into contact with as an Uber driver.

Former California police officer charged with sex crimes

In recent years, there has been a concerted effort to ensure that police officers in California and across the country are fully investigated and appropriately charged, if necessary, in the wake of allegations of criminal acts. Because of the outcry over the perception of injustice regarding alleged crimes committed by police officers, prosecutors are now likely to take swift action if allegations are made in order to prevent accusations of preferential treatment. While all claims of crimes deserve a thorough investigation, some police officers could find themselves facing charges for crimes they did not commit. One California police officer now faces sex crimes charges and is likely now determining how best to proceed following his arrest.

Former California man accused of sex crimes, awaits extradition

It is hard to predict the effect aging will have on a person's mind. An elderly person can easily become confused and struggle with day-to-day activities. Being questioned by police, for example, can easily become overwhelming. Unfortunately, a former California resident, now 84, has recently been charged with sex crimes and awaits extradition back to the state.

California music teacher accused of sex crimes

Over the course of their careers, teachers will likely come into contact with hundreds of students. Their relationships with their students differ based on a variety of different circumstances. Unfortunately, officials in California believe that a long-time music teacher sexually abused some of his students. The man now faces multiple charges as a result of the sex crimes allegations.

Sex crimes accusations against California registered sex offender

The internet and social media has revolutionized how people interact with one another. For example, two people who may have never crossed paths before the internet could now end up living happily ever after. Of course, some issues regarding meeting people in this manner are potentially problematic; for example, it may be difficult to confirm the veracity of a person's claims about him or herself. As a result, some people are shocked when they learn a new acquaintance's true age, for example. A man in California has recently been arrested and charged with sex crimes as a result of his alleged relationship with a teenager police say he met online.

Police officers in California face sex crimes accusations

Police officers in California work hard to protect people. In many cases, this includes making arrests and potentially making enemies. Two officers now faces multiple charges related to sex crimes in regards to the alleged rapes of four women.

California teacher accused of sex crimes with 2 students

Teachers have very difficult jobs. One of their major concerns is establishing a relationship with their students. However, teachers must also worry about how others will interpret a relationship to  prevent outsiders from suspecting something inappropriate about an innocent, healthy relationship. One California English teacher has recently been arrested as a result of sex crimes allegations. He is accused of having a sexual relationship with two different students.

California teacher accused of sex crimes with student

California educators are often known for their dedication to their students. Many develop close relationships with those that they teach and coach that will have a lifelong impact on students. Unfortunately, these relationships can sometimes become misguided. Police in California have recently arrested a high school teacher, accusing him of multiple sex crimes involving a student.

California sex crimes convicts file lawsuit

Anyone who is convicted of a crime can likely expect some sort of punishment, ranging from probation and fines to prison time. However, sex crimes convictions often carry consequences that last much longer than a person's probation or imprisonment. For example, because of Megan's Law, those convicted of sex crimes are included on a publicly published website. Two such convicts have recently sued the state of California, claiming that the state has not kept the information up-to-date as required by law, which has adversely impacted them.

Restriction for California sex crimes offenders not enforced

There are consequences when a person is convicted of a crime. However, sex crimes offenders are often faced with restrictions that extend well beyond serving time in prison and probation. A group in California has recently challenged one restriction related to convicted sex offenders and Halloween.

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