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When it's time for personal bankruptcy in California

Many consumers try to stay clear of bankruptcy, since it has been known to have a negative impact on their credit scores. In spite of the negative stigma personal bankruptcy has received, however, it's sometimes the only way out for some California consumers. There are ways consumers can determine if bankruptcy is their best option.

Debt relief techniques for California consumers

Getting out of debt seems to be at the forefront for most people. One of the most long-term debts that California consumers have is credit card debt. There are debt relief techniques that people have used to pay off or decrease their debts.

Debt relief scams for California consumers to watch out for

Not everyone has a perfect credit score and a large number of people struggle with some form of debt. Many California consumers seek out companies that can offer them debt relief. Unfortunately, not all debt relief companies are reputable and some have scammed customers out of a considerable amount of money.

Student loan debt relief for California borrowers

Not every person makes a six-figure salary after graduating from college. Many borrowers are drowning in student loan debt. A majority of California borrowers believe that their circumstances are hopeless, but that is a misconception, and there are pathways to debt relief.

Debt relief for California homeowners

Christmas usually brings about holiday cheer and a large amount of debt. A law was enacted that allowed homeowners to avoid paying taxes on homes that were short sales, but that provision came to an end last year. Fortunately, California homeowners are now able to receive some form of debt relief on homes that were sold in a short sale.

Holiday spending could lead to need for debt relief

As the holidays approach, many in California are finishing their decorating, planning their holiday menus and shopping for gifts for friends and family. For those who have had financial difficulties in the past few years, this Christmas may be very different from those in years past. In many cases, the need for debt relief has placed a limit on discretionary spending, and holiday budgeting has to accommodate that fact.

California personal bankruptcy: Student loans possible after?

It's a common occurrence that many people end up in a financial dilemma that leads them to file for bankruptcy. Many California consumers can be affected when it comes to student loans after filing for personal bankruptcy. Usually, it takes up to five years from the time of discharge for student loans to be approved.

California programs may help stop foreclosure

The state of California has imposed a new law that may help struggling homeowners stay in their homes. The program called "Keep your home", has went into effect in an effort to stop foreclosure. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are two of the financial institutions that participate in this program.

California personal bankruptcy versus debt settlement

Negative financial circumstances can sometimes lead people to financial disaster. In order to keep their heads above water, some California consumers resort to filing personal bankruptcy. In some instances, creditors may offer to settle the debt for a fraction of what one may owe.

California bankruptcy may temporarily stop foreclosure

There are a variety of reasons as to why many struggling homeowners have been faced with foreclosure. In some instances, bankruptcy is filed during the foreclosure process. Filing bankruptcy may also temporarily stop foreclosure in California. An individual who files a petition during that time is granted what is known as an automatic stay.

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