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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

California motorcycle accidents: Officer killed in hit and run

Police officers in California and across the country often have difficult jobs. They face dangerous criminals and other life-threatening situations in their professional lives. Unfortunately, they are just as at risk from car and motorcycle accidents as are civilians in their personal lives. In fact, police are currently investigating a recent accident that killed an off-duty police officer.

Truck accidents in California: FexEx truck strikes 2 men

For many drivers of California interstates, their worst fear is to run out of gas in the middle of traffic. Even those who are able to safely maneuver to the shoulder are sometimes involved in truck accidents. Unfortunately, this fear was realized for one man after he encountered car trouble. His experience turned into a tragic nightmare when a friend came to help him.

California crash reminder of dangers of motorcycle accidents

A recent crash in California has officials reminding drivers of their responsibilities toward all users of the roadways. Unfortunately, differences in sizes could make it more difficult to see certain users of the roadways, potentially causing motorcycle accidents, for example. A recent accident has resulted in one fatality and sent another to the hospital.

California Highway Patrol investigates 2 motorcycle accidents

All drivers, regardless of their mode of transportation, are likely aware that they face some degree of risk when they ride on California roadways. This knowledge, however, does not make being involved in a serious accident any less shocking. Unfortunately, police are currently investigating two motorcycle accidents that took place within an hour of each other.

Concerns about motorcycle accidents rise following sales increase

There are a variety of different users of the roadways in California -- all of whom have equal rights to use the road. Unfortunately, a recent report by the Governors Highway Safety Association has noted an alarming number of motorcycle accidents. Because there was an increase in the number of motorcycles sold in the first quarter of the year, some worry that there could be an increase in the number of accidents.

California motorcycle accidents: Police investigate fatality

Motorcyclists often face the potential of serious harm when involved in an accident. Because bikers have less physical protections and are sometimes more difficult to spot due to their smaller size in comparison to traditional motor vehicles, motorcycle accidents often result in a fatality. Unfortunately, one man was recently killed in a collision in California.

Motorcycle accidents: 6 injured in California crash

There are many dangers that face motorcyclists in California. Because of the smaller size of their bikes, it is often difficult for motorists in more traditional vehicles to see them, especially when distracted. While many motorcycle accidents occur due to such a scenario, officials believe that a recent collision involving six motorcyclists may have been caused as a result of a deliberate act.  

Fatal motorcycle accidents: Father killed by drunk driver

Because of the relative lack of protection provided by motorcycles, most motorcyclists are aware of the potential risks they take when they choose such transportation. As a result, they also ensure they take appropriate precautions to help prevent motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, the negligent and unexpected actions of a drunk driver often cannot be avoided. In fact, one California family is currently mourning the loss of their loved one after he was allegedly struck by a truck driven by a man who was under the influence of alcohol.

Motorcycle accidents: California father of 3 killed

Motorcycles are sometimes difficult to see. Many times, a car driver that is attempting to make a left turn will wait for traffic to clear. When all the traditional motor vehicles turn, they execute their turn unaware that a motorcyclist is in the area. By simply taking a few extra moments, some motorcycle accidents in California could be prevented. Unfortunately, one such accident has resulted in a fatality.

California motorcycle accidents: 2 killed after illegal U-turn

There are many people in California who choose to use a motorcycle as a form of transportation as well as a hobby. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can place riders at a serious risk. For example, two men have died after they crashed their motorcycles into a pickup truck on a California roadway.

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