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Domestic Violence Archives

Actor Tom Sizemore accused of domestic violence

There are many different types of relationships. While some couples are relatively calm and remain so even when they disagree, others are somewhat more volatile. Despite this passion, few couples resort to violence during a dispute. However, police in California arrested and accused actor Tom Sizemore of domestic violence.

Darren Collison accused of domestic violence in California

Professional athletes are required to spend a great deal of time ensuring that they are in top physical condition. While they expect to be the center of attention while competing, many athletes get no privacy in their personal lives. Because any accusations involving them will likely be reported publicly, they could ultimately fall victim to charges based on false accusations in order to prevent claims of preferential treatment. Although there are few details available regarding the alleged incident, one California basketball player, Darren Collison, has been accused of domestic violence.

Motorcycle accidents: California families disappointed by charges

When a person loses a loved one due to another's negligence, often the only solace they receive is the knowledge that appropriate criminal action will be taken to ensure that no one else suffers at the hands of the same person. Unfortunately, two women in California claim that they will not receive this solace after a woman who caused a fatal accident while distracted by her cellphone will only face misdemeanor charges. However, as many others who have lost loved ones in bicycle and motorcycle accidents have done, justice can also be sought in the civil court.

Responding to domestic violence charges in California

Families often have a complex dynamic. Even those filled with love and respect can have strong disagreements. Unfortunately, these disagreements can sometimes result in anger and, on rare occasions, violence from one or both parties. Sometimes, this results in a domestic violence charge. For those in California facing such accusations, understanding the laws governing such charges and the potential implications of a conviction could help them better understand their predicament.

California man accused of domestic violence following dispute

Almost all couples have arguments. While many of these arguments remain relatively uneventful, some can result in individuals taking irrational actions -- such as opening the doors of vehicles while traveling at high speeds on highways. Police in California believe that a woman did such a thing just prior to falling out of a vehicle during a dispute with her boyfriend. The boyfriend has since been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

Responding to domestic violence allegations in California

Relationships vary from couple to couple. Regardless of how well a couple appears to get along, it is almost guaranteed that every couple has disagreements. While these disagreements can become heated, they rarely result in violence. When people in California become embroiled in domestic violence allegations, experienced professionals are usually consulted to guide each party through the ordeal.

Man arrested after California domestic violence incident

It is often difficult to share living space with another person. Even two people who have only positive feelings toward one another can find themselves embroiled in an argument that could quickly and unexpectedly turn to violence. California police officers were recently called to the scene of what they believe was an argument that lead to domestic violence. A man has since been arrested.

Former reality star accused of domestic violence in California

There are many issues in this country that have received a greater deal of scrutiny over the course of the last several decades. One of these issues is domestic violence. While this attention can help those suffering, it can also result in assumptions that such a crime was committed even when evidence may not support the claims. Police in California recently accused a former reality TV star of abusing a woman.

California police officer accused of domestic violence

It is relatively easy to make accusations against a person regardless of whether those accusations are true. Anyone can report an alleged crime to the police. However, for a person to be found guilty of crimes related to those accusations, sufficient evidence must be provided to prove those claims. In domestic violence cases in California and across the country, often accusations pit one person's word against another.

California man charged with domestic violence after standoff

There are a variety of different types of families in this country. While some never seem to disagree, others argue frequently. In some instances, police officers and the family and criminal court system become involved. One man in California now faces domestic violence charges after what police describe as a 12-hour standoff.

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