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Chapter 7 Archives

California consumers can eliminate debts by budgeting

Overall, the debt that consumers owe in the United States amounts to billions of dollars. From overspending to living off credit cards because of unexpected life circumstances, many consumers have racked up a large amount in debt. This can leave many feeling over-stressed, but there are ways for California consumers to eliminate debts and have a brighter financial future.

California program may eliminate debts for student loans

Borrowers have been drowning in student loan debt for a considerable amount of time. Each year, the amount of student loan debt in California keeps on rising. While student loan debt itself is generally not dischargeable in bankruptcy, certain borrowers may be able to get the relief they need and eliminate debts that can help them remain financially afloat.

Stop creditor harassment in California through text messages

Sister collection agencies have received a large fine after sending millions of text messages to consumers for debts owed. Under the law, expressed consumer consent is needed before texts are sent. California consumers can avoid these types of debt collection practices and stop creditor harassment.

California restaurant files Chapter 7 bankruptcy

A restaurant has filed bankruptcy after sales declined for a period of two years. The business has been taken over and is now under new ownership. The business filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in California and has sold some of their assets to pay off their creditors.

California Chapter 7 bankruptcy for homeowners

When it comes to bankruptcy, homeowners may have fears as to what will happen to their homes when discharging their debts, especially when they believe their homes do not have much value. In that event, the fear may sometimes hinder California homeowners from filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. A homeowner is usually assigned a trustee soon after a case is filed.

California debtors can stop creditor harassment

Many struggling consumers have been intimidated into paying their debts by collection companies posing as lawyers and other officials. The federal trade commission has stepped in to put a stop to illegal debt collection practices in California. A lawsuit has been filed against a group of debt collectors to stop creditor harassment.

Internet pioneer seeks Chapter 7 protection in California

With uncertainty still looming over the recovering economy, it can be easy for an individual to find themselves behind on their financial obligations. Even those who have made a fortune in their professional life can face a wide range of financial struggles that can put their well being at risk. In a recent case, the founder of CNET, Halsey Minor, who sold his company for well over $1 billion, has filed for protection under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code in a California federal court.

For many, benefits of Chapter 7 outweigh Chapter 13

California consumers who are struggling under heavy loads of debt should understand that there are resources available to ease that burden. Financial difficulties can be overwhelming, leaving many to feel as if relief is not an option. However, lasting debt relief is available by way of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and your California inheritance

Once a California resident has made the decision to file for bankruptcy, the next step is determining the best time to move forward with the filing. The optimal timing is different for everyone, and depends on one's overall financial scenario. When it comes to maximizing the benefits of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, proper timing can make a world of difference in the overall outcome.

Stopping repossession through Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Once a California resident has made the decision to file for bankruptcy, a new set of worries often comes into play. Virtually no one plans to need bankruptcy protection, which is why even the smartest and most successful individuals are often confused about the process. Many worry that they will lose their car during the bankruptcy proceeding, especially in cases in which repossession has already begun before the Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been filed.

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