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Car Accidents Archives

1 killed, 3 injured in fatal California collision: Car accidents

Many safe drivers in California go to great lengths to ensure that they always drive in a manner that protects both their safety as well as others in their vicinity. Unfortunately, there is often little to do when others choose to drive negligently. In some cases, a painted line on the road is the only protection from serious car accidents. Unfortunately, police claim that a woman has lost her life in a recent collision; three others were injured.

Car accidents: California toddler killed by drunk driver

Parents in California often spend countless hours researching safety recommendations and working to ensure that their children are protected at all times. Despite these preparations, it is sometimes impossible to avoid car accidents caused by drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, one family is left trying to cope with the unexpected loss of their toddler after police say he was struck by a drunk driver.

California car accidents: 9 injured when car crashes into crowd

On the weekends, many people in California enjoy unwinding from a long work week. For some, this may include enjoying a concert. While at the venue, these concertgoers likely feel relatively safe from car accidents and other similar hazards. Unfortunately, this was not the case for several people after police say an elderly man caused an accident.

Wrong way car accidents: California woman arrested after fatality

Travelers in California should feel safe on the state's roadways at all times. Unfortunately, reckless drivers can put the lives of others at risk due to the choices they make -- such as driving under the influence of alcohol -- that could lead to car accidents. Police have recently arrested a woman for driving under the influence after a head-on collision took a driver's life.

California car accidents: Car crashes into house, driver flees

Overall, most people in California would likely agree that they are relatively safe where they live. This is likely especially true for those who are in their own home or the home of a friend. Unfortunately, car accidents can impact even those who feel relatively safe. For example, police say that a car recently crashed into a house, causing significant damage.

Car accidents: Police say California woman drove with body in car

The many users of California sidewalks likely feel relatively safe while using them. A recent case, however, shows that pedestrians may fall victim to car accidents even when on a sidewalk -- especially if there are negligent drivers in the area, as police allege about the driver involved in this accident. They say that a male victim died after he was struck by a car driven by a woman who was allegedly under the influence and who failed to remain at the scene.

Increased distracted driving could lead California car accidents

It is difficult to fathom that 10 years ago, there were no smartphones. Now, some estimates indicate that there are over 200 million in this country. These devices have many valuable purposes, making it much easier for people to communicate and keep track of activities and tasks. Unfortunately, the use of cellphones while driving can also result in serious car accidents, and a recent California survey indicates that distracted driving is on the rise in 2016.

Car accidents: Man arrested following fatal California crash

Driving under the influence of drugs can have serious consequences. In fact, many car accidents involving such drivers involve harm to innocent passengers or others who may come into contact with them. Unfortunately, police in California believe that a recent fatal collision was caused by a man who was under the influence of drugs.

Car accidents: Teen's death possibly related to distracted driver

There are many dangers that drivers and their passengers face on California roadways. While most drivers take appropriate action because of their awareness of these dangers, many are not able to avoid car accidents caused by distracted drivers. Unfortunately, a recent crash involving a police officer has resulted in one teenager's death.

Fatal car accidents: California Highway Patrol seeks driver

While the vast majority of people on California roadways choose to use traditional motor vehicles to travel from place to place, there are other alternatives. For example, some people choose to ride a bicycle for the benefits to the environment and the reduced costs associated with doing so. Unfortunately, car accidents caused by negligent drivers can often have devastating consequences for cyclists. Police are currently seeking the driver they believe is responsible for a recent fatal collision involving a bicyclist.

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