Facing any type of criminal charges could potentially leave your life considerably altered, especially if a conviction takes place. In some ways, a criminal conviction could even affect certain aspects of your life that had no direct connection to the crime of which you were accused. For instance, your ability to own or be around firearms could lead to negative consequences under certain circumstances.

You may land among numerous people who like to take advantage of the right to bear arms either for personal or professional use. However, if you also fall into other categories, you may lose that ability due to certain federal and state laws.

Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act

One particular federal law relating to regulating firearm possession and use comes under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. After going into effect in 1994, the law has resulted in millions of background checks relating to firearm ownership and use. This law also stipulates circumstances that may prevent you from having access to or ownership of guns. Some of those circumstances include:

  • Conviction for domestic violence
  • Acting as a fugitive from justice
  • Having a restraining order brought against you involving an intimate partner or his or her children
  • Dishonorable discharge from the United States military
  • Addiction or unlawful use of controlled substances
  • Unlawful residency in the United States
  • Having been committed to a mental institution
  • Conviction of a crime that resulted in a prison sentence of more than one year

If you have found yourself in any of these situations, especially those relating to the conviction of an aforementioned crime, you may find yourself facing difficulties. In some cases, you may have wished to obtain employment in a profession that requires gun use, but due to your criminal record, you may not meet eligibility requirements.

Obtaining gun rights

If you have found yourself facing criminal charges for domestic violence or other crimes, you certainly want to work toward avoiding a conviction for such allegations. However, if such a situation did not work in your favor, you may now find yourself hoping to restore your gun rights. Luckily, you may have the ability to work with a knowledgeable attorney in order to potentially have your record expunged in order to re-obtain your ability to own or use firearms.

To find out more information on how criminal convictions could affect your gun rights and whether expungement could be an option for you, you may wish to utilize local California legal resources.