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April 2016 Archives

Car accidents: Multiple people injured in California collision

Driver education programs typically place an emphasis on being a defensive driver. While following this advice could prevent car accidents, there is often nothing an oncoming driver can do to avoid a driver who runs a red light, for example. Unfortunately, five people in California were recently sent to the hospital following a serious car accident.

Motorcycle accidents: 6 injured in California crash

There are many dangers that face motorcyclists in California. Because of the smaller size of their bikes, it is often difficult for motorists in more traditional vehicles to see them, especially when distracted. While many motorcycle accidents occur due to such a scenario, officials believe that a recent collision involving six motorcyclists may have been caused as a result of a deliberate act.  

Car accidents: Man arrested following fatal California collision

The average person likely makes multiple decisions in his or her everyday life. While many of these decisions will likely have very little impact on a long-term basis, some -- such as the decision to drink and drive resulting in car accidents -- can significantly alter the course of the individual's life, as well as the lives of others. For example, police in California believe that a young man was under the influence of alcohol at the time of an accident that resulted in one teenager's death and sent several others to the hospital.

Police in California focus on distracted driving car accidents

Many safe drivers navigate California roadways every day. Unfortunately, even a moment of distraction -- including the short amount of time it takes to read a text message -- can have serious consequences, sometimes resulting in fatal car accidents. In an attempt to bring awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, the California Highway Patrol has made the month of April California Distracted Driver Awareness Month.

Sex crimes accusations against California registered sex offender

The internet and social media has revolutionized how people interact with one another. For example, two people who may have never crossed paths before the internet could now end up living happily ever after. Of course, some issues regarding meeting people in this manner are potentially problematic; for example, it may be difficult to confirm the veracity of a person's claims about him or herself. As a result, some people are shocked when they learn a new acquaintance's true age, for example. A man in California has recently been arrested and charged with sex crimes as a result of his alleged relationship with a teenager police say he met online.

California car accidents: Teenager killed by alleged drunk driver

For some, the prospect of being stranded on the side of an interstate due to car problems is unnerving, and rightly so. Some car accidents in California are caused by drivers who strike disabled vehicles -- even those parked on the shoulder. Unfortunately, a young women in such a situation recently died in an accident that police say was caused by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol.

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